Australian Ambassador's visit to the Regional Center for Science and Technology Transfer (IORA RCSTT)


Australian Ambassador's visit to the Regional Center for Science and Technology Transfer (IORA RCSTT) 

A Delegation from the Australian Embassy in Tehran, including Ms. Lyndall Sachs, Ambassador and Mr. Dennis Carney, Deputy Chief of Mission, made a visit to the Regional Center for Science and Technology Transfer (IORA RCSTT) on 6 April 2022, and met Dr. Miremadi, Director of the Center, and the staff.

This was the second visit of the Australian Ambassador and her Deputy Chief of Mission to the Center at their request. A representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also attended the meeting. 

Australia is a member of the Advisory Board of the Center and oversees the Center's activities and programs. This visit was made to follow up the issues raised in the previous meeting and draw lines of cooperation in 2022.

In this meeting, a summary of the Center’s activities during the last year as well as a list of future plans focusing on Climate Change issue, were presented.

The summary of the report demonstrated that the most important action of Center during the last year was the development of the 2022-2027 action plan, which was implemented in order to coordinate with the strategic plan of the working group of science, technology and innovation, and was discussed in the recent meeting of this working group.  

The Australian delegation was informed that the Center had participated in seven official events over the past year, of which two had been designed and implemented directly by the Center. Director said that Centre had participated in the implementation of one event and had been active in 5 other events in which it had presented its report or specialized points of view.

RCSTT has also organized more than 10 informal meetings to be prepared for these events, with IORA executives and a German representative, and has been frequently in touch with its Coordination Centers in China, South Africa and India.

While approving the activities and programs presented, the Australian delegation emphasized on the issues of climate change and women empowerment as two priorities of Australia and volunteered as interested in enhancing cooperation between Australia and the RCSTT and on the other hand, Iran, to provide a useful and effective relationship and cooperation between this Center and relevant scientific, research and academic centers in Australia and to participate in the future climate change program of this Center.

In this regard, the cooperation capacities between Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST) and Australian Universities in the field of food security and food science and technology were taken into consideration, therefore it was determined that the parties keep on their interaction in this field in the coming months.