The First Webinar on The Effects of Climate Change on the Indian Ocean Marine Environment was held on 10 May, 2021


Obviously, the ocean is truly the central player in our climate system. The problem of understanding and predicting climate change represents a significant challenge in observing and understanding the ocean. The basic physics of the climate system assures a significant place for the ocean because it dominates the planetary reservoirs of heat, water, and CO2. However, oceanographers have arrived late to the climate problem. And now, in the last 30 years, there has been great progress in expanding ocean observations to the point that we can start to address climate problems.  

Following the request of the 22nd CSO meeting on December 2020, RCSTT joined hand with other members of the Working Group on Blue Economy. It submitted its plan to hold three consecutive webinars in May, September and December on the different dimensions of climate change and oceanography to share knowledge and raising awareness of this very important issue. 

Attached you will kindly find the report of the Webinar for your kind consideration.

You can also access the lectures and presentations and the webinar recording for both sessions on the following dropbox links:

Morning Session: