Objectives and Functions

The activities of the IORA Regional Centre for Science and Technology shall be in line with relevant policy decisions set out by the Charter of the IORA, following the aims and objectives of supporting applied research, policy and human resource development programme as well as supporting development of new technologies, joint cooperation and transfer of technology among the Member States and the other countries, focusing on the following purposes and functions:


The objectives of the IORA RCSTT are as follows:

a.    Developing a centre of excellence with a view to facilitating the transfer of technology at the regional level with open regionalism
b.    Assisting Member States and dialogue partners of the IORA to institutionalize joint efforts aimed at commercializing of know-how and technology with strategic value for the region
c.    Providing national focal points with a platform to supply technical support and coordinate direction for the projects of the RCSTT in the form of regional clustering and networking of key stakeholders (universities and research institutes, public organizations and private industries) at the international and domestic levels
d.    Serving as a bridge to link the region to the relevant international centers of excellence
e.    Facilitating joint technology development, dissemination and commercialization among Member states


a. Supporting technology transfer, development and management;
b. Supporting the formulation of strategic development plan for technology enhancement in the IORA region;
c. Assisting for acquisition dissemination, assimilation and generation of new technologies;
d. Promoting commercialization of technology and competitiveness;
e. Supporting technology business missions and business matching;
f. Supporting development of all kinds of technologies related to applied sciences such as Biotechnology, Nano-technology, IT, New Energy Technologies, Space Technologies and etc. by the Member States;
g. Carrying out related analytical research on technology policy, marketing opportunities, and possible joint venture among the member countries;
h. Providing advisory services;
i. Disseminating information and good practices; 
j. Networking among the key stockholders;
k. Providing training to senior officials and policy makers.