H.E. Mr. G.M.V.Wishwanah Aponsu, the honorable Ambassador of Sri Lanka paid a visit to the IROST


H.E. Mr. G.M.V.Wishwanah Aponsu, the honorable Ambassador of Sri Lanka visited the IROST, the host of IORA RCSTT, on 9 August, 2023 in .order to review the fields of bilateral scientific and technological cooperation.

Dr. Hassan Zamanian, the Honorable Deputy Minister and the President of Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST), as well as representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Director of the Regional Center for Science and Technology Transfer (IORA RCSTT), deputies and managers of various departments of the organization, welcomed H.E. Mr. Wishwanah Aponsu and the delegates from the Embassy.

At the beginning of this visit and in the joint meeting, Dr. Zamanian pointed out the two basic pillars of the organization's scientific-technological programs and activities, i.e. the production of technical knowledge and providing the possibility of converting technical knowledge into the final product as the key to success in the field of science and technology all around the country and he said that the organization could cooperate with the countries of the region as a basic axis in transferring this experience.

He announced the readiness of the IROST for technical-specialized cooperation in various scientific fields with the IORA’s member states, as well as hosting periodic programs of this Association, including the annual meetings of the Academic Group.

The Ambassador of Sri Lanka in Iran also welcomed Dr. Zamanian's explanations and suggestions and emphasized that he is ready to have any kind of joint cooperation in various scientific and technological fields with different departments of the organization and proposed to organize more joint meetings in the near future to organize these cooperations.

It is worth mentioning that Sri Lanka is the upcoming chairman of the Indian Ocean Rim Association for the years 2023 to 2025.

It should be mentioned that in this meeting, Dr. Sanjabi, the Director of the regional center for Science and technology transfer, and Dr. Shalmashi, the Director of the International Cooperation Department at IROST, explained the programmes and activities of the departments under their management.

The programme ended with the visit of the honorable Ambassador of Sri Lanka and other guests to some projects of the Agricultural Research at IROST